Schedule 2024

We will be starting our daily routes at 7:00 AM and we aim to have every trash Can on our route cleaned before 7:00 PM. We will continue our trash Can valet service once we have cleaned and deodorized your trash Can.  We understand that most of our customers live in areas with very strict HOA trash Can rules, if you live in an HOA controlled community and are concerned about receiving a fine for leaving your trash Can out overnight please bring your empty trash Can in from the curb and place it in a visible area for our cleaning operators to obtain next day (in front of your garage, at the top of your driveway, by your side gate etc). 


Our trash can cleaning service runs on a 4 week schedule, where some months have 2 cleanings within the same month due to a 5 week month. For those customers who would like to schedule their cleaning we can provide your scheduled week as:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Please fully read our Disclaimers:

* While we have no contracts, you will be charged for a one-time cleaning if you cancel after the first cleaning.

* Our routing system will automatically place your account inactive after multiple consecutive SKIPS for cleaning service.

* Please respond by text or email in advance to reschedule or skip your cleaning. Unfortunately, if you do not notify us and we respond to provide the service, your account will be charged. 

* We reserve the right not to provide Cleaning service for the following reasons:  

 – Hazardous waste: including chemicals, tar, asphalt, paint, glue, or other adhesives. 

 – Unbagged trash: including excessive loose trash, yard clippings, animal or human feces.

 – Building materials: including plaster, stucco, wood or concrete. 

(As part of our quality service, if the operator cannot service a trash can for any reason, pictures will be taken and the reason will be indicated on a text or email sent to you)  

* If a trash bag is inside the trash can (after collection has occurred), we will remove the btrash bag, re-bag it in our trash bag, clean the trash can, and put the trash bagback in the trash can. We are not set up to take trash bags/boxes.

* We do not guarantee That all substances or stains will be removed from the rash can after the washing service.  

* All trash can cleanings are steam washed, deodorized, and left to air dry.

We appreciate your business and support of Female Minority Owned Small Business!!